Lallemand launches companion animal product line

Lallemand launches new companion animal product line.

Lallemand Animal Nutrition, a leading provider of yeast and bacteria solutions for animal health, is proud to announce the launch of its new companion animal product line, LALPROBIOME. The new product line will offer a wide variety of yeast and bacteria strains allowing for food, treat and supplement customization.  

“We understand that every business is unique, which is why we’re thrilled to announce LALPROBIOME,” said Dr. Bart Dunsford, business development manager. “This gives our customers the ability to choose from a comprehensive selection of yeast and bacteria strains to meet their specific needs for companion animal products.”

“We’re excited to introduce Trivant and Prodigi at the 2023 Pet Food Forum” said Dr. Francesca Susca, LAN global pet product manager. “These two breakthrough products have been developed with the latest research and innovation that only Lallemand can provide.” 

Trivant: Trivant is a one-of-a-kind pos-tbiotic that has been proven to support gut health and a strong immune system in companion animals. It uses a proprietary combination of yeast strains to create a post-biotic that is versatile in supporting a variety of conditions. Trivant is the result of groundbreaking research and innovation, using techniques such as atomic force microscopy and single-molecule force spectroscopy to select specific yeast strains for their optimal and synergistic properties. 

Prodigi: Prodigi is an active dry yeast probiotic that can be added to pet food, treats and supplements. Prodigi promotes pet well-being by supporting a healthy gastrointestinal tract and strong immune system in dogs, cats and horses. Prodigi has a proven history of enhancing pet and equine nutrition. 

LALPROBIOME products are single sourced at Lallemand and have been exhaustively tested for safety and efficacy, providing customers with proven, healthy products,” said Dr. Bart Dunsford, business development manager.

For more information about LALPROBIOME and Lallemand’s new products, visit the Pet Food Forum, Booth #1744. 


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