Purina pays homage to iconic Beggin' commercial

Purina is paying homage to original Beggin' commercial with line of merchandise.

Purina is paying homage to its iconic Beggin' commercial, released in 1989, by announcing the release of its new, nostalgic collection of branded merchandise giving humans and pets the opportunity to proudly wear their love of bacon goodness on their sleeves.

The brand's first merchandise line of 2023 includes vintage-inspired crop-tops and T-shirts for humans and their bacon-loving pups, as well as hair scrunchies, dog leashes and collars and even a special fanny pack where dog lovers can carry packages of Beggin' dog treats. The collection ranges from $2.89–$14.89 to commemorate the commercial's 1989 launch and is perfect for bacon-fanatics and dog lovers looking for the ultimutt fit to match with their pooch.

"People consistently search online to watch the now 34-year-old, retro Beggin' ad, so we wanted to bring it back to life in a unique way that bacon-loving dogs and humans can enjoy," said Tim Brunt, brand manager at Purina. "And while it's been years since the ad aired, Beggin' has stood the test of time, and taste, because it is made with real bacon and includes real meat as the #1 ingredient."

In addition to the new merchandise, dog lovers can also recreate the retro Beggin' ad using the new Beggin'-themed "Vintage Commercial" AR filter available on Instagram. Pet parents can use the selfie camera to show themselves going bonkers for Beggin' or flip the camera to the worldview mode to sniff around for treats like the original commercial.

To bring the limited merch collection and AR filter to life, Beggin' teamed up with influencers like Zach Kornfeld, a video producer and founding member of The Try Guys. The Try Guys are known for testing a wide range of activities that are humorous and thought-provoking. Those who visit Zach and his dog, Bowie, on Instagram, will also have a limited opportunity to get a little something extra when they visit ShopBeggin.com.

To shop the new vintage-inspired collection from Beggin', visit ShopBeggin.com.

To find more information about Beggin' visit, www.Purina.com/Beggin

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