Nulo Pet Foods announced new product

New pet food features cold-pressed technology.

Nulo Pet Foods has announced the launch of a new line of ultra-premium pet foods called "Chill," utilizing a groundbreaking cold-pressed technology to create a nutrient-rich product for dogs and cats. Developed by renowned pet nutrition scientist Dr. Greg Aldrich and his team, this innovative process preserves the integrity of nutrients by employing a unique raw ingredient chilling system.

Unlike conventional high-heat, high-speed kibble manufacturing processes that often deplete essential nutrients, Nulo's cold-pressed technology aims to retain higher levels of vitamins, minerals and amino acids. The result is a high meat inclusion pet food with three times the meat content of conventional kibble diets.

Dr. Aldrich explains that the cold-pressed production technique eliminates non-essential starches like sweet potato and oats, offering a formula featuring 85% animal ingredients by weight, with 95% of protein derived from animal sources. Real food ingredients such as apples and pumpkin are included to enhance bioavailability. The raw ingredients are chilled to 30 degrees and then compressed into shelf-stable nuggets.

This new line of pet food aligns with Nulo's commitment to high nutritional performance, inspired by the dietary standards of elite athletes. Former athlete and Nulo CEO, Michael Landa, emphasizes the involvement of respected Olympic athletes, including Simone Biles, in advising the company on the importance of high-quality nutrition. The cold-pressed category represents a minimally-processed alternative, free from less nutritious starch binders.

The ultra-premium dog food line promises improved digestibility through low and slow smokehouse-style cooking, reaching temperatures of around 140 degrees for less than 8 hours. Fresh meat sources are used for protein, without rendered meat meals or chicken fat. A proprietary blend of miscanthus grass, chicory root and pumpkin supports specialized gut health needs for animals with sensitivities.

Nulo aims to fill a price segment gap between conventional kibble and freeze- or air-dried pet diets with its cold-pressed technology. Retailers can expect a differentiated product story that emphasizes the trusted nutritional benefits of ultra-high levels of meat proteins in a palatable format. The four-flavor line is set to be available for shipment in April 2024.

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