Kemin Industries launches LCA initiative

The program will evaluate the environmental impacts of the company's feed additives.

Kemin Industries has become the first feed additive producer to launch a GFLI-compliant life cycle assessment (LCA). This assessment evaluates the environmental impacts of Kemin's feed additives, aiding the industry's sustainability goals.

Kemin's Animal Nutrition and Health--EMENA business unit conducted LCAs for several products, including KESSENT MF Liquid, KESSENT MF Dry, KESSENT ME, LysiGEM, KEM WET AMP Liquid, Sal CURB BR Liquid, SAL CURB BR Dry, and Myco CURB ES Liquid. These assessments help customers make environmentally conscious decisions.

“As a key ingredient provider, we strive to make safer, more sustainable products,” said Dr. Stefaan Van Dyck, group president--animal nutrition and health at Kemin. “Our commitment to sustainability helps us transform today into a better tomorrow.”

Kemin’s LCAs, validated by the Global Feed LCA Institute (GFLI), are based on primary data sourced directly from the manufacturing process. This ensures accurate environmental impact assessments of their products.

Laura Nobel, manager at GFLI, highlighted the importance of Kemin's efforts: "Kemin's commitment is evident in their rigorous methodology and participation in GFLI working groups."

Kemin aims to reduce its carbon footprint and increase renewable energy use, safeguarding natural resources for future generations.

For more information, visit Kemin Industries and GFLI.

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