Mondi unveils next generation of recyclable packaging

Mondi has launched its FlexiBag Reinforced range of mono-PE-based, recyclable packaging solutions with improved mechanical properties.

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The FlexiBag Reinforced range can be tailored to different customers’ specific needs.
The FlexiBag Reinforced range can be tailored to different customers’ specific needs.

Mondi has launched the latest addition to its portfolio of sustainable premade plastic bags, FlexiBag Reinforced, which is a range of mono-PE-based, recyclable packaging solutions with improved mechanical properties.

The company said the FlexiBag Reinforced range is recyclable where collection facilities and recycling systems for PE films are in place. The bags have been created in-house by Mondi, which means the solutions can be tailored to different customers’ specific needs more cost-effectively. 

Improved mechanical properties, including better puncture resistance, stiffness and sealability, make it ideal for the pet food industry, said Mondi. The level of barrier protection can be adjusted, providing medium to high barriers against fat, oxygen and moisture while keeping the content fresh.  

Dirk Gabriel, COO Consumer Flexibles at Mondi, said the company recognizes the increasing emphasis on post-consumer recycled (PCR) materials driven by future regulative requirements. With FlexiBag Reinforced, the company said it proactively meets future regulative requirements, including a customized percentage of PCR content that can be added (based on mass-balance), significantly reducing the use of virgin plastics and promoting material efficiency by keeping materials in circulation.  

"As a market leader in sustainable pet food packaging, we are taking every effort to secure sufficient upstream supply of PCR material for our customers," said Gabriel. "By working closely with our partners along the value chain we can understand the unique requirements of each customer and adapt accordingly to material efficiency and recyclability. With FlexiBag Reinforced, we are able to offer a solution that comes close to the material costs of conventional multi-material laminates for certain structures and at the same time offers recyclable packaging that gives our customers a competitive advantage in the market."

Mera’s ‘pure green’ dry pet food range 

Mera, a family-owned German pet food producer, has introduced FlexiBag Reinforced containing 35% PCR content for its 10-kilogram packs of vegan dry dog food. The implementation process was smooth to manage as the FlexiBag Reinforced was suitable for the company's existing machinery, said Enes Tajic, purchasing manager at Mera.

"We firmly believe that in nature, everything is inter-related," said Tajic. "We are passionate about animal welfare - and part of that is a commitment to sustainability. Working with our long-term, trusted partner Mondi meant that these new dog food products will be packed in a way that enables us to continue to create harmony between our furry friends and their environment."


FlexiBags are pre-made, reclosable packaging solutions designed for recycling. They are available with different thicknesses, barrier properties and features, including customizable sizes and bottom constructions.

  • Different material variants (thickness, mono- or coextruded films)
  • Different closure systems (zipper, top/ front slider, hook-and-loop) and bottom variants (standard, folded, flat) available
  • Linear tear with or without perforation
  • Side gusset handle possible
  • High fat, aroma and moisture barrier (EVOH), even a 100% airtight variant is possible
  • Shelf stability
  • Excellent printability on all sides including bottom, for attractive shelf appearance (HD flexo & roto up to 10 colors) with glossy or matt finish options
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