Freeze-dried pet food delivery service features 40 brands

Freeze-dried pet food caters to the consumer looking for high-end, customized options for their dog or cat

Photo by Debbie Phillips-Donaldson
Photo by Debbie Phillips-Donaldson

Frazzle Pets Frazzle Feast monthly subscription box provides pet food consumers with a variety of freeze-dried, air-dried and dehydrated cat and dog foods. Each month the company sends a box filled with a number of different pet foods, along with treats.

Frazzle Pets has partnered with more than 40 pet food manufacturers in order to deliver an assortment of pet food, which exposes consumers to different options in freeze-dried, air-dried and dehydrated dog and cat foods.

This subscription is also an option for someone that is currently feeding their pet a raw diet. For those times when they are traveling or don’t have time to fix the kind of meal they normally feed your pet, a Frazzle Feast subscription offers an alternative.

Why the freeze-dried pet food market continues to grow

Freeze-dried pet food, a segment of the growing superpremium pet food market, caters to the consumer looking for high-end, customized options for their dog or cat, reported Petfood Industry. An increasing trend over the last few years, freeze-dried food has the benefits of technology, nutrition and convenience on its side as it increasingly takes up space on pet store shelves.

Freeze-dried raw pet food demand growing quickly

Freeze-dried raw pet foods are a small but rapidly growing segment of the pet food industry, said Maria Lange, GfK business group director, at Petfood Forum 2016. However, the now-niche category could expand to become up to 10 percent of the market. Freeze-dried pet foods are part of the specialty market trend that now is the main retail channel for pet food growth and innovation, said Lange, at Pet Food Forum 2016.

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