6 global pet food market predictions to watch in 2017

Certain regions of the world show pet food market growth potential in 2017, while other areas are stagnating or declining, according to an industry consultant.

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Certain regions of the world show pet food market growth potential in 2017, while other areas are stagnating or declining, Marcel Blok, owner of companion animal business consultancy, Change Stranamics, told Petfood Industry.

“The top region to pay attention to remains, without any doubt, the Pacific Rim and further South East Asia, where I see that countries such as Vietnam, Indonesia and the Philippines offer a huge potential to tap into,” he said. 

Rising pet food industry markets

1. Pacific Rim

“China is bound to grow significantly, as is most of the Pacific Rim, with the exception of Japan,” said Blok.

“In China, there is a growing demand for pet food ‘made in Europe’ — frequent recalls of US products in the United States seem to have created an image of inferiority for US pet food — but increasingly sold under Chinese brands.

2. Latin America

“South America with Brazil as the locomotive will show a very modest growth, mainly because of the continued crisis in Brazil,” Blok said.

Meanwhile, Mexico has grown to become among the top 10 pet care markets globally, reported Petfood Industry. Mexico’s developing pet food market is also among the fastest growing.

3. Europe

“Western Europe will show some growth due to upgrading consumers, more for cat than for dog,” said Blok.

“In Western Europe, a few trends influencing the industry have become more and more visible: sustainability, ingredient-integrity and authenticity have become factors to take into account when developing new products.

“In Central & Eastern Europe the going continues to be good, which is caused by both volume and value-increase; the latter higher than the volume, again because of an upgrading consumer and a wider availability of premium propositions.

Stagnant or declining pet food markets

1. Africa

“Mediterranean Africa will show some decline due to political unrest and decreasing spending power.”

2. Australia

“Growth in Australasia will be very limited, if any. In this region, value-growth will come from upgrading consumers because volume-growth is stagnant or may even be declining a little in view of the growing population of smaller-sized dogs.

3. Northern Europe

“Scandinavia seems to have reached its peak, both in volume and in value,” Blok said.

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