Pet food companies must woo top talent for jobs

When meeting with a prospective employee for an interview, companies have to put their very best foot forward.

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Pet food companies must roll out the red carpet to attract top talent in the current job market, said Ed Yuhas, managing director for Kincannon and Reed Executive Search, an administrative-level staffing agency, in a video from Petfood Forum 2018.

“What we are doing is we are telling our clients that sometimes the best client you see is the very first one,” he said. “Clients do not like to hear that. They want choice…There are just fewer people who want to make these kind of job changes today.”

When meeting with a prospective pet food company employee for an interview, companies have to put their very best foot forward, he said.

“Roll out the red carpet,” he said. “Make sure people on the interviewing team are well prepared to bring in the candidate and to really understand their background before they come in. We tell our candidates that the company should be on their best behavior that day and if they are not, it is probably a sign.

A pet food company must make sure that a potential employee will fit in well with the corporate culture.

“People are hired for skills and fired for fails,” he said. “It is all about the culture. The culture is the norms. It is the way they go about doing their business. It's how things get done. It's things that a newcomer really wouldn't know until they are there. So, it is really the most difficult choice that a client has to make about the candidate. Will this person fit? How are we going to know?”

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