Amazon launches exclusive value, superpremium dog foods

Two more dog food brands are now sold only on Amazon: Solimo dry dog food and Simply Perfection wet dog food.

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Amazon expanded the range of exclusive dog foods and other pet products sold on the internet retail website, reported This Just In. Two more dog food brands are now sold only on Amazon: Solimo dry dog food and Simply Perfection wet dog food. These two brands sell at respectively lower and higher price points than Wag, the private label dry dog food Amazon released in May.

Solimo brand dog food on Amazon

In June, Amazon launched its Solimo brand, reported Yahoo! Finance. The products under the umbrella of this Amazon private label range from sunscreen to trash bags, and all of them tend to sell for a bit less than national brands. Beyond price, the products also tend to have positive reviews.

Likewise, Solimo dry dog food sells for less than Wag. For example, a 30-pound bag of Solimo dry dog food lamb and rice recipe costs US$34.99. A 30-pounder of Wag dry dog food lamb and lentil recipe sells for US$44.99.

Despite the lower price, Solimo does make some of the same pet food trends as Wag. The description notes that the dog food is meat first, and “Australian and New Zealand Lamb is the #1 ingredient.” Amazon promotes Solimo dog food as containing, “No corn, no soy, no wheat recipe; no added artificial colors and flavors, no chemical preservatives.”

Simply Perfection wet dog food on Amazon

On the other end of the premiumization spectrum, lies Simply Perfection wet dog food, produced by co-packer Perfection Pet Foods. Amazon markets this dog food as superpremium. Three varieties of Simply Perfection target specific pet food market trends: meat first, grain-free and limited ingredient diets. Simply Perfection’s marketing makes other claims that are similar to Solimo and Wag, such as no soy, wheat, artificial flavors, artificial colors, or artificial preservatives.

A variety pack of Simply Perfection grain-free chicken, salmon and turkey wet dog foods sells for US$29.66 per 12-can carton. For comparison, a similar quantity of Purina One Beyond ocean whitefish, salmon and sweet potato recipe costs US$21.53.

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