Raw pet food company expanding with New Mexico state aid

Marty’s Meals will invest more than US$2 million over the next decade to expand its facility.

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Marty’s Meals raw pet food company plans to expand its operations in Santa Fe, New Mexico, U.S.A. with help from the state government, reported Area Development. Marty’s Meals will invest more than US$2 million over the next decade to expand its facility. In November, the company will open its expanded storefront and manufacturing  facility, which will measure 8,000 square feet.

In the New Mexico pet food market, Marty’s Meals produces more than 30 raw and gently cooked dog and cat food recipes, lamb and bison Jerky, along with a line of gluten-free pet treats.

State assistance for Marty’s Meal expansion

The New Mexico Economic Development Department will incentivize Marty’s Meals’ expansion with US$175,000 in Local Economic Development Act (LEDA) funds.

"We're thrilled to see Marty’s Meals continuing to succeed and grow in New Mexico," said Economic Development Cabinet Secretary Matt Geisel, in a press release. "Our efforts to foster a pro-business climate in our state encourage companies to not only choose New Mexico, but to stay and grow here. Marty’s Meals is not only a homegrown success story, but it is a fantastic story of utilizing New Mexico agriculture to supplement and grow their business.”

“This investment in Marty’s Meals by the State makes it possible to grow our business and at the same time leverage our commitment to the ‘Triple Bottom Line Plus’ mission we brought to market four years ago,” says Marty’s Meals Founder & Owner Sandy Bosben, in a press release. “With it, we can expand partnerships with New Mexico farmers and ranchers who are committed to agricultural practices protecting our planet; we can employ a growing workforce that benefits from good wages and benefits; we can contribute to New Mexico’s economic strength; we can expand to new markets; and most importantly, we can provide more pets with the kind of nutritious food that will assure them healthier, longer, happier lives.”

“We are proud to see local companies like Marty’s Meals expand,” said Matt Brown, Director of Santa Fe Economic Development. “It shines a light on Santa Fe’s entrepreneurial spirit and can translate into economic prosperity for the City. We are working to make that spirit more contagious and continue to support local businesses.”

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