Innovation will continue to move pet food forward

The pandemic has resulted in strange times for every business, but there are still ways to recover and grow the pet food industry.

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Innovation will keep the pet food industry growing through uncertain times. | (Peshkova |
Innovation will keep the pet food industry growing through uncertain times. | (Peshkova |

One of the inevitable results of the 2020 global pandemic has been a hunkering down of industry. Economic uncertainty is on everyone’s minds and businesses are focused on making it through the year during unprecedented times. But one of the primary opportunities to come from the challenges of 2020 so far has been an unexpected acceleration of innovation. Put simply, everything is changing, and innovation is a component of the adaptability needed to recover and grow in the current climate.

Attend Petfood Forum CONNECT and get inspired

On September 9, day one of Petfood Forum CONNECT will begin. The five-day event, spread out over two weeks, will feature both live and recorded sessions on everything from hacking your own business strategy for success to staying on top of trends in a pandemic-affected landscape. If you’re looking for more specific inspirations, you can attend discussions on consumer insights, crisis response or ingredients. And if you just want to see where the industry’s at, you can browse the virtual research posters from industry experts, academia and sponsors.

Get caught up on technological innovations and e-commerce

Petfood Forum CONNECT is offering Pet Food Tech Talks each day during the conference, where attendees can virtually visit the latest industry technologies. But it’s not just innovative machinery and software leading the charge these days: e-commerce has jumped to the top of the trend pile, seeing staggering growth due to the pandemic and a new desire of consumers everywhere to shop from the safety of their homes (p.xx). For insights into “4 essential pieces to a modern e-commerce fulfillment and  technology strategy,” attend a discussion by Luke Helm, vice president of distribution at eShipping Distribution Services, during Petfood Forum CONNECT on September 17.

Everything is already going to be different. Why not actively take the reins and take advantage? See you online!

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