Pet food seasonal promotions in Mexico vary by retailer

Some retailers in Mexico are limiting their typical pet food seasonal discounts, perhaps because of already rising online demand due to the pandemic.

Courtesy of Pet Markt Co.
Courtesy of Pet Markt Co.

As the pet food industry is preparing for the end of the year and the holiday season, some producers are introducing new product versions into the pet food market in Mexico.

Before the Christmas season, though, Mexico holds the local version of Black Friday, called Buen Fin (Good Weekend). During the entire week of Buen Fin, retailers typically apply massive discounts to a variety of products. Yet this year, some retailers, like Petco and Amazon, seem cautious with their discounts.

Petco Mexico, for example, is offering just a 25% discount online on several premium pet food brands, while Amazon Mexico is offering reduced prices for some standard price and premium brands.

Not all retailers cutting back on discounts

On the opposite side, Maskota, the second largest pet food chain in the country after Petco, is offering a wider array of discounts and price cuts. On its website, the retailer offers as much as a 55% discount on some pet food products, plus 20% credit earned toward future product purchases.

It is likely that in view of the great success achieved by online pet food retailers amid the COVID-19 pandemic, other seasonal discounts are not as large as expected, because demand has been rising without them.

Seasonal pet food product introductions

As for pet food producers, some brands are introducing seasonal product versions preparing for the Christmas season. For instance, Minino, a cat food brand from Archer Daniels Midland Mexico that ranks third in national sales, recently launched a special edition commemorating the upcoming Disney blockbuster “Soul.” The product is available in three different recipes: Minimi Yum, Minino Plus and Minino.

In the dog treats market, un Dos Treats by Pet Markt Co. launched a limited edition of its Churros treats products. The company claims to have a 100% ecological tin tube that can be personalized with the pet owner’s and pet’s name.


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