Spanish pet food brand strengthens presence in Mexico

A producer and distributor of superpremium pet food in Mexico, Pet Markt, is launching veterinary diets from Advance, a Spanish-based and produced brand.

The Advance pet food brand provides education and awareness for veterinarians.
The Advance pet food brand provides education and awareness for veterinarians.
Courtesy of Advance

Pet Markt Company, a Mexican producer and distributor of super-premium pet food, is launching Advance, a brand of Spanish company Grupo Affinity. Affinity is among the largest pet food companies in the world, while Advance is well-known as a prescription pet food brand intended for dogs with dermatological ailments.

A leader in nearly 70 markets worldwide, Advance is manufactured in Spain and comprises several prescription pet food products and a few maintenance formulations. The brand owns a research center near Barcelona to test and validate its formulations for dogs and cats, which recently published the first testing report on its dermatological products. In the trial, their product regenerated skin tissue (in a skin-artificial model), reducing the amount of cortisone required in the patient.

Veterinary pet diets only

In this initial launch in Mexico, Pet Markt introduced Advance’s Atopic, Hypoallergenic and Sensitive Skin for dogs. As for cat food, the company introduced the Advance Renal variety. Advance products are available solely at veterinary clinics in Mexico and won’t be available at other specialty pet food chains or online.

Pet Markt distributes its products from Mexico City to the rest of the country and has same-day deliveries to central Mexico.

Pet food launch complemented by e-learning program

According to a media release, to support the launch in Mexico and provide knowledge and awareness, Advance (through Pet Markt) is offering its e-learning program, Vets & Clinics, directed to the veterinary community, free of charge. This hub of online resources includes webinars, clinical cases, papers, podcasts on Spotify, diagnostic posters and other relevant information for veterinarians.

In addition, the platform offers an e-learning program with monthly tuition, where doctors can pursue diplomas in different areas, from managing a veterinary clinic to workshops for specific diseases. Plus, Pet Markt, the operator of Vets & Clinics in Mexico, offers 100% scholarships for Vets & Clinics-Advance customers. 

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