Philippines pet food boom brings profits, high prices

Learn about the Philippines pet food market and pet ownership landscape.

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Filipina Dog Owner With Dog
Pet owners in the Philippines are growing in number and are more concentrated on their pets’ health and well-being than ever. | Photo by Alma Buelva

When selling pet food in the Philippines, the chief demographic to target is women in their 50s. This much Pilmico Animal Nutrition Corp. knows as it wades through the young and vibrant Philippine pet food market, which made US$397 million in sales in 2022, according to Euromonitor.

A pet owner holds her dogs during the groundbreaking ceremony for a local animal shelter. | Photo by Alma Buelva


While dogs and cats rule the roost in the Philippines, other pet populations are growing, as well. Here, a little girl shows off her pet rabbits during a Bunny Camp organized by the Philippine Rabbit Enthusiasts Club. | Photo by Alma Buelva


TABLE 1: The Philippines’ pet population is slated to continue growing at a healthy rate through 2026, according to Euromonitor reports, with dogs leading the way.



TABLE 3: Cat food will also see strong growth, particularly in the wet food space, according to Euromonitor data.


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