'Tryvertising' lets Singaporeans try new pet food for free

Consumers will simply create an account and get two credits each week to redeem at the free sample kiosk machines.

Tryleh Member Vending Machine
Courtesy Try Leh

A startup company in Singapore, Try Leh, is giving the public a chance to try new products like dog and cat food for free using vending machines. 

Installed in five strategic mall locations around Singapore, the free sample kiosk machines are Try Leh's “tryvertising” medium which gives consumers access to a featured product so they can later provide valuable feedback about it. 

All a consumer needs to do is to create an account online, which gives them credits (two virtual coins) every week to redeem samples. One coin is worth one product sample. The coins expire after a week. 

For example, Try Leh kiosks for a time ran a campaign for Farmers Market Triple Delight Cat Food worth at least SG$2.93 a cup. The generous brands to buy into Try Leh's tryvertising programs are able to improve brand awareness and foster brand preference, the company said.

“Try Leh aims to work with the most user-conscious and generous brands in Singapore to help them reach the right consumers with a tangible sample that speaks to these brands' quality itself," said Li Ling, business development manager of Try Leh. "We've worked very hard to make these kiosks very straightforward to use for all age groups and to make the whole process very enjoyable for the consumers."

A campaign usually lasts for a month. Sample stock availability is updated online so the consumers can see if the sample they are trying to redeem is available and in stock before they go to the physical kiosk to redeem it. Members receive a QR code to their WhatsApp which they need to scan at the kiosk to get the product of their choice. To prevent abuse, Try Leh currently limits sample redemptions to one product per consumer and two samples per week. 

Try Leh hopes to soon accommodate more pet related items like pouches of treats as these usually come in packages small enough for the kiosks to handle. For bigger bags of pet food that may not fit inside a kiosk or for companies that offer services like pet grooming, Try Leh can offer virtual kiosk and e-voucher solutions so they can still experience tryvertising without the limitations of a physical kiosk.

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