Nestle Purina PetCare performance by geographic region in 2022

Nestle Purina PetCare dog and cat food sales grew around the world in 2022.

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Nestle Purina PetCare dog and cat food sales grew around the world in 2022. In the United States, Canada, Chile, Mexico and European nations, pet food sales were among the top sales growth drivers for Nestle overall. Nestle released regional results for Purina PetCare in its annual report. Purina’s sales in fiscal year 2022 reached US$19.385 billion (CHF18,101 million) up from US$16.659 billion (CHF15,556 million) in FY21. Purina Petcare organic growth was 14.5% in FY22 with Pro Plan, Purina ONE and Fancy Feast leading.

Purina PetCare sales growth by region

North America

  • 40.5% sales growth
  • CHF 10,926 million (US$ 11,909 million) in 2022 up from CHF 9,112 million (US$9,931 million) in 2021

Purina PetCare contributed the most to Nestle’s growth in the United States and Canada, which Purina refers to as its North America region. Growth in e-commerce and pet specialty stores was especially strong. Purina Pro Plan, including veterinary formulations, Purina ONE and Fancy Feast all grew by double digits.


  • 24.7% sales growth
  • CHF 4,732 million (US$5,517 million) up from CHF 4,316 million (US$4,704 million)

As in Canada and the U.S., Purina PetCare was a strong driver of growth for Nestle in Europe. Premium brands Gourmet, Felix and Purina Pro Plan led this increase across all channels, particularly online and in pet specialty.

Asia, Oceania and North Africa

  • 3.8% sales growth
  • CHF 702 million (US$765 million) up from CHF 682 million (US$743 million)

In the diverse region encompassing Asia, Oceania and North Africa, Purina’s sales grew at a high single digit rate, with Purina Pro Plan, Felix and Purina One leading.

Latin America

  • 13.7% sales growth
  • CHF 1614 million (US$1,759 million) up from CHF 1,333 million (US$1,452million)

In Spanish and Portuguese speaking nations of the Western Hemisphere, Purina Petcare grew as well. In Mexico and Chile, pet care was a main driver of growth. Overall in Latin America, Purina’s sales grew by double-digits.


  • 2.4% sales growth
  • CHF 127 million (US$138 million) up from CHF 112 million (US$122 million)

In China, Purina’s sales increased at a double-digit rate, led by sales in e-commerce and pet specialty.

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