18 top Latin American pet food companies in 2023

Urbanization and a rising standard of living have also changed the dynamic of pet ownership, pushing people toward cats and smaller dogs while spending more on those pets.

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Latin America has one of the fastest-growing pet food markets. Although differences exist among the more than 30 nations of Latin America, the region has seen a dramatic cultural shift in the role of pets. In a single generation, dogs and cats went from guards and mousetraps to coddled fur babies and family members. As occurred in many other regions of the world, table scraps were no longer adequate as humanization fueled premiumization. Mexican pet owners became more aware of dogs' and cats' specific nutritional needs and demanded products to meet those needs. Urbanization and a rising standard of living have also changed the dynamic of pet ownership, pushing people towards cats and smaller dogs while spending more of those pets. This growth has helped the following 18 Latin American pet food companies that are listed in Petfood Industry’s Top Pet Food Companies database. The data below is divided by nation and provides the companies’ 2023 annual revenue, if available.


Grupo Pilar (Gepsa Pet Foods)

  • Annual revenue: US$57.90 million
  • Brands: Top Nutrition, Ken-L Ration, Exact, Odwalla, 9 Lives, Cari Amici, Compiches, Ganacan/Ganacat, MagnĂ­ficos, Fishy, Zimpi

Agroindustrias Baires  

  • Annual revenue: US$30.00 million
  • Brands: Old Prince, Kongo, Waffen Criadores, High Pro Criadores, Maintenance Criadores, Natural Meat, Company, Voraz, Carnix, Caudillo, Cereales Adult, Origen, Fawna


BRF Pet SA       

  • Annual revenue: US$578.00 million
  • Brands: Hercosul -- Biofresh, Three Dogs, Three Cats, PrimocĂŁo, Primogato, Apolo and Átila. Mogiana -- Guabi, Faro, Herol

Special Dog     

  • Annual revenue: US$370.00 million
  • Brands: Special Dog Premium Special Cat Premium Special Dog Ultralife Special Cat Ultralife Special Dog Prime Special Cat Prime

Premier Pet      

  • Annual revenue: US$200.00 million
  • Brands: DOGS: PremieR line: Cookie (treat), Natural, Natural Selection, Specific Breeds, Indoor Dogs, Clinical Nutrition, Formula, Gourmet, Nattu, Organico, Cookie Golden: Cookie, Natural Selection, Special Premium, Gourmet Vitta Natural CATS: PremieR: Natural Selection, Gatos, Clinical Nutrition, Nattu, Gourmet, Cookie, Organico Golden: Natural Selection, Gatos, Gourmet Vitta Natural

Total Alimentos SA

  • Annual revenue: US$190.00 million
  • Brands: EquilĂ­brio Veterinary, EquilĂ­brio, Max, Max Cat, Naturalis, Doglicious, Catlicious, Nero Premium, Lider Premium, Nero Original

Lupus Alimentos                         

  • Brands: Foster Premium, Pitukats


Empresas Carozzi        

  • Annual revenue: US$160.00 million
  • Brands: Master Cat, Master Dog, Cachupin, Nutri Balance

Champion Pet Care     

  • Annual revenue: US$120.00 million
  • Brands: Champion Dog, Champion Cat, Champion Mini Pets, Sabrocat, Sabrokan, Monge



  • Annual revenue: US$25.00 million
  • Brands: Agility Gold, Chunky, ItalCan

Costa Rica

Belina Montes de Oro

  • Annual revenue: US$20.00 million
  • Brands: Balance, Superkan and Gourmet mix


Campi Alimentos S.A de C.V.   

  • Annual revenue: US$70.30 million
  • Brands: Pearl´s Prime Nutrition Pearl´s Pure Nutrition Choice Nutrition Fidus Pro Campidog CanPro CanPro Max CanPro Snack Dyno Doncan Campican Vital Pro Kattos Kattos Supreme Zoopreme Cat Nuggetz

Nutec Group

  • Annual revenue: US$30.00 million
  • Brands: Nucan, Nufit, Nupec, Nucat

Malta Texo de Mexico (maltaCleyton)

  • Annual revenue: US$20.30 million
  • Brands: Ganador, Top Choice, Poder Canino, Minino, Minino Plus, maltaCleyton (Dog Choice)

Industrias Bachoco

  • Annual revenue: US$3.98 million

Grupo Nu3

  • Brands: Natural Gourmet, Back to Nature, Carne Fresca, Noble, Kisha, Clasico, Nutrescan, Nutrescan Natural, Best Friend


Rinti SA             

  • Annual revenue: US$20.00 million
  • Brands: Dog Food: Canbo, Ricocan, Thor, Supercan, Bandit, Rico Crack, Freshcan, Bandido; Cat Food: Canbo, Ricocat, Supercat, Michicat, Gourmet Ricocat

Trinidad and Tobago     

National Flour Mills

  • Annual revenue: US$65.00 million
  • Brands: Command Performance (Dog/Puppy), Perro Max
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