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New comic book and consumer contest celebrate the big personalities of small dogs


The PEDIGREE brand released a digital comic book that highlights the big personalities of small dogs. The comic book, entitled "The League of Hero-ish Small Dogs," features a group of small dog friends who each have their own "hero-ish" qualities that they use to save the day.

"Anyone who has met a small dog knows that their personalities are not proportionate to their size," said Craig Neely, Vice President of Marketing at Mars Petcare. "Whether they think they're rescuing their human from the 'evil' mailman or hypnotizing them with their puppy-dog eyes, all small dogs have this superhero complex, which we've aptly named 'hero-ish.' The PEDIGREE brand's new comic book celebrates those hero-ish qualities that we love about our little furry friends."

"The League of Hero-ish Small Dogs" is made up of some fan-favorite pups, including Coco and Cici the MalteseBertie the PomeranianMaya the Mini Dachshund and Ducky the Yorkie. In the comic book, Coco and Cici's parents are leaving the house without them, so the petite pups use their hero-ish skills to help get their friends in the car with their humans where they belong…or so they think.

With the release of the comic book, the PEDIGREE brand is also kicking off the Hero-ish Small Dog Contest, where dog owners across the country can share the superpowers their small dogs think they have for a chance to have their pups featured in the next edition of "The League of Hero-ish Small Dogs" comic book. The contest is open for entries now through March 26, 2021.

To read the "The League of Hero-ish Small Dogs" comic book or to enter to win the Hero-ish Small Dog Contest, visit or follow along on the PEDIGREE brand's FacebookInstagram and Twitter channels.

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