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Royal Canin studies strategies for feline weight loss

Royal Canin  has conducted a study to find diets and strategies to help obese cats lose weight, according to a news  report .

Three dietary strategies were evaluated. Strategy A used a novel dry, high fiber ration; strategy B used ready-prepared portions of dry and moist food; strategy C used an existing commercial dry, high fiber ration fed with a measuring cup. Cats were assessed at 4, 12 and 20 weeks, and adjustments to the energy allocation made if required.

Mean weight loss at 20 weeks (A: 11+/-1.3%, B: 10.9+/-1.2%, C: 11.9+/-1.7%) was similar among strategies. Owners' subjective hunger score was significantly higher with strategy C while their satisfaction was lowest with the same strategy. This research was published August 12, 2009 in the Journal of Feline Medicine and Surgery .

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