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New Canadian petfood import regulations

Canada's new import requirements for petfoods, treats and compound chews become effective July 1, 2009. These commodities will only be allowed entry into Canada with a valid import permit held by the Canadian importer.

US facilities that wish to continue exporting petfoods, treats or compound chews with bovinae ingredients (except ingredients identified by the  OIE  as essentially BSE risk free) must be inspected and approved by APHIS' Veterinary Services  (VS), and each shipment of petfood with bovinae ingredients must be certified by VS. 

The CFIA Questionnaire for US Bovinae Pet Food Facilities must be endorsed by VS and the originals given to the facility for submission by the Canadian importer to CFIA as part of the import permit application process. See the Guidelines for Bovinae Pet Food Facilities   for more information.

US facilities that only desire to continue exporting pet foods, treats or compound chews with no bovinae ingredients must complete the CFIA Questionnaire for US Non-Bovinae Pet Food Facilities. See the Guidelines for Non-Bovinae Pet Food Facilities for more information.

US facilities that export pet chews to Canada present special challenges if the companies are importing finished pet chews from third countries for re-export to Canada or are importing ingredients from third countries that are not substantially changed in the manufacture of pet chews for export. See the Guidelines for Pet Chews Facilities for more information.

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