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Diana Pet Food, ADF, IsoNova and Schaffelaarbos join forces to become Symrise Pet Food

The four companies formerly named Diana Pet Food, ADF, IsoNova and Schaffelaarbos are joining forces in a single division. The organizational unit will carry the name of Symrise Pet Food. This division will address the pet food market, providing pet food manufacturers with high-value solutions to support their products.

This new organization within the Taste, Nutrition and Health segment of Symrise forms a major milestone for the group’s development on the pet food market. The solutions of Symrise Pet Food will focus on three essential aspects within pet food:

  • Pet Food Palatability with the brand SPF 
  • Pet Nutrition with a new brand, Nutrios 
  • Pet Food Protection with the brand Videka, a joint-venture between Symrise and Kalsec

The newly created brand Nutrios will deliver natural ingredients and deep expertise to help build animal nutrition that serves evolving consumer demands. It gathers the products of the legacy brands ADF for chicken ingredients, IsoNova and Schaffelaarbos for egg ingredients, and Vivae for health solutions.

“Symrise Pet Food unites the leading players in their markets and fields of expertise," said Bertrand de Launay, president of Symrise Pet Food. "They share a strong sustainability approach as their business models draw on creating value from by-products. The joint Pet Food division of Symrise means we are now fully structured to serve the pet food market’s dynamic growth globally. Our strategy will focus on three key axes. First, we want to expand our leadership in pet food palatability with SPF. Second, we want to accelerate globalization in pet nutrition with our Nutrios brand. And third, we want to become a strong player in pet food protection with Videka.”

Symrise Pet Food aims to bring all pets a better life by being at the heart of every eating experience by 2030.

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