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veritree announces tree planting challenge

veritree, a data-driven, restorative platform that connects nature-based solutions with mission-driven companies,  announces its 10 Million Verified Tree Challenge, uniting 30 corporate partners to invest in restoration projects in critical habitats this year. 

Designed to empower brands with a vehicle for real, measurable impact, the program will leverage veritree's technology to monitor, manage, verify and track the regenerative impacts of restoration projects in partnership with planting organizations from the ground up in Canada, Indonesia, Kenya, Madagascar and Senegal.

"Our 10 Million Verified Tree challenge allows brands to become an important part of the restorative economy and bring their consumers straight to the heart of climate action," said veritree CEO Derrick Emsley. "When we started the tree-planting apparel company tentree, our sister brand, we wanted to build a brand that gives back to the planet more than it takes; a decade later, I'm proud to be scaling that impact through the veritree platform, connecting a community of partners and their stakeholders with real and meaningful action."

Companies leading the challenge by supporting the planting of 50,000 trees or more include: Samsung, Northland Properties, Herbaland, Mogo, Cardano, Jeep,, Vega, 101 Cider, Krystal, Alive Publishing, Accelerate Financial, Promosapien, Jiminy's, Monstercat and Earn with Drop.

The collective effort targets habitats around the world where planting projects can maximize positive impact. In Canada's Cariboo region, veritree's planting partners will restore lands destroyed by recent wildfires; restoration in the province of New Brunswick will focus on ecosystems impacted by the commercial logging industry; and in Kaffrine, Senegal, veritree will empower the planting of diverse "forest gardens" to mimic natural woodland ecosystems and support sustainable agroforestry. Projects in Madagascar, Indonesia and Kenya will focus on restoring the coastal mangrove population, providing primary habitats for thousands of species and breeding and nursery grounds for many fish and invertebrate species.

With a goal to plant over one billion verified trees by 2030, veritree leverages technology to drive greater transparency and enhances credibility of nature-based solutions. "We invite all business leaders to get involved and help drive the transformation to a low carbon and nature positive future," Emsley said. "With 30 like-minded companies already behind us, we're making a verifiable impact this Earth Day. But it's going to take more than 30 of us to transform the world."

The full community of partners joining the 10 Million Verified Tree Challenge to-date includes Samsung, Mogo, Cardano, Jeep, Vega, 101 Cider, Krystal Hosting, Alive Publishing, Herbaland, Accelerate Financial, Promosapien, Jiminy's Pet Food, Monstercat, Earn with Drop, Parade, Poshmark, Leopold's Tavern, Kitsch Wines, EcoChit, C-PAC of Canada, Operto, Traction on Demand, Vivobarefoot Canada, Whitepaper Solutions, Winscape IT, Boundary, Rise, E.pop, Hahn Air, Mala the Brand PROPetual RIET.

For more information on 10 Million Verified Tree Challenge partners and the potential for nature-positive impact, please visit



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