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Bravo! produces new spinoff

Capitalizing on the success of its  Bravo! Balance  product line, and in an effort to expand the number of raw diet feeders, the manufacturers of the Bravo! have introduced the Bravo! Balance Beginner Box, according to a Bravo! press release.

According to Dave Bogner, Bravo!'s founder and president, Bravo! Balance was developed as a direct result of customer demand for a high-quality complete and balanced product that would be easy to feed.

"The Beginner Box was a natural next step as a result of the resounding success of Bravo! Balance in the marketplace. That success, coupled with the heightened interest in raw diets, has allowed us to make inroads with a whole new group of consumers," said Bogner. 

The Beginner Box, which began shipping to retailers at the beginning of March, is the second spinoff from the Bravo! Balance line since the product was introduced in May of 2008.

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