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Cesar launches petfood with dog newspaper

To celebrate the release of its newest product line Cesar Sunrise, a breakfast-flavored petfood line for small dogs,  Cesar Canine Cuisine  developed  The West Highland Herald newspaper  to go along with the new pet breakfast line, according to a press release from the company. Created to portray the world from a small dog's point of view, the first edition of The West Highland Herald pertains to dogs.

"Our research indicates that breakfast time can be a bonding experience for small dogs and their owners," said Anne Herrington, director of marketing for Cesar. "What better way to show your small dog you love them, then to offer a special breakfast meal prepared exclusively for them?"

The three flavors of Cesar Sunrise are Grilled Steak & Eggs, Smoked Bacon & Egg, and Chicken & Cheddar Cheese Soufflé.

Free copies of The West Highland Herald will be available in morning commuter areas, pet stores and breakfast-related establishments in eight cities in the USA from March 30 through April 5, 2009.

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