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Pet company's stock numbers down

Central Garden & Pet Co.  released  their numbers  on February 4 and the stock is at about a 51/49% revenue split, according to an  article  on the market review website, .

F1Q (Dec) losses were US$0.09 vs. US$0.11 in the company's seasonally slowest quarter. Sales of US$292.5 million, -6.8%, were modestly below consensus expectations for a decline of -3.3%. Management stated this decline was from purchase delays by retailers during the quarter in both lawn and garden and pet segments and that the next quarter is looking good because of this.

Management is cutting costs by lowering their investment in working capital by US$48 million due to improved inventory management and it shaved off US$8 million in SG&A and is improving gross margins, according to the article.

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