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Salmonella petfood recall expanded

The list of recalled dog food and dog treats grew in February 2009, as a result of the Salmonella peanut butter scare, according to an  article on .

A number of petfoods were added to the list of recalled pet foods in February 2009, as a result of Salmonella -tainted peanut butter that originated from the  Peanut Corp. of America's   manufacturing plant in Georgia where some of the peanut butter was found to be contaminated with Salmonella .

At the start of February, just a few recalled dog treats were on the  Food and Drug Administration's list of foods that may be contaminated with Salmonella .

By the latter part of February 2009, the list of recalled petfoods had grown to include many more dog treats and petfoods manufactured by  American Nutrition Inc.  and The Scotts Co. LLC.

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