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Taiwan says petfood meets safety standards

To ease public concern over possible health threats in petfood, the Taiwan  Council of Agriculture  (COA) said February 4 that its recent tests of the aflatoxin levels in about 100 types of dog and cat food showed that all products were safe for consumption, according to an  article  by the Taipei Times .

"In January, we sampled most brands of dry dog and cat food on the market for aflatoxin levels and found all to be within safety standards," said Hsu Tien-lai, director of the council's Department of Animal Industry.

The COA investigation followed an incident in the middle of January, when a batch of dog food produced on Nov. 7 was found to contain 155.59 parts per billion of aflatoxin, which is 15 times the legal safety standard.

The COA will also hold a hygiene and food safety seminar with petfood manufacturers before the end of February to prevent similar breakouts in the future, Tien-lai said.

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