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Web site, CD 'expose' petfood industry

A new Web site, , claims that many types of petfoods and treats have toxins in them that are dangerous to pets. The site also claims that petfood companies don't share this information with pet owners due to a fear of market share losses from these alleged toxic ingredients. says it provides a resource where pet owners can find what they need to know about the ingredients in petfood products.

"The main product is the Pet Food IQ Power Pak (CD) which consists of a 45-minute, no-holds barred audio report that exposes what goes on behind closed doors of the petfood industry," said spokesperson Robert Key.

Key said the Pet Food IQ Power Pak is completed by Pet Food Ingredients Alert System, which he described as a comprehensive listing of more than 500 ingredients that were researched and analyzed from over 445 petfoods and treats. The ingredients that were analyzed each have a color rating based on ingredients that should be avoided, to ingredients that are beneficial to the pet.

"I'm a pet lover that decided to do some research on petfood ingredients after the petfood recall in 2007," Key said. "I wanted to expose information so that pet owners could take control over the health of their pets instead of blindly trusting the petfood companies that are more focused on profits than health."

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