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PetSmart recalls Grreat Choice dog biscuits

The recent outbreak of salmonella typhimurium has been linked to products manufactured by the  Peanut Corp. of America in its Blakely, Georgia, plant. Peanut Corp. produces peanut paste, which is used in the Grreat Choice dog biscuits.

Dr. Stephen Sundlof, a veterinarian who is the director of the FDA's  Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition , said that the risk to animals is minimal but that people who handle contaminated treats could come in contact with the salmonella bacteria, according to a  CNN article .

Dogs aren't immune to salmonella and in some cases could get sick, Sundlof said in the article. They may be lethargic or get bloody diarrhea. They also may never show symptoms at all but could still carry the bacteria.

PetSmart said it is not aware of any reported cases of illness related to these products but  has removed the products from the shelves as a precautionary measure.

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