Pet Food News
on August 10, 2010

Cranimals receives 'Editor's Choice' award

Zendog Biscuits named award recipient by Pet Product News International

Cranimals Zendog Biscuits received the "Editor’s Choice" award by Pet Product News International.

The Zendog Biscuits debuted in March 2010, as a certified organic cranberry dog biscuit, according to the company.

"Cranimals: With its four organic certification labels, bright colors and statement saying that a percentage of the product’s proceeds are donated to pet rescue organizations, the packaging for Zendog Calming Biscuits drew us in. The treats inside were equally impressive. Made of organic pumpkin extract—a natural source of calm-inducing tryptophan—flax protein powder, cold-pressed cranberry seed oil and Cranimals Original supplement, the ring-shaped treats are formulated to contribute essential nutrients to a dog’s diet. One product tester also noted the Biscuits’pleasant aroma and that these treats seemed to be her roommate’s dog’s favorite out of the 10 it tried," said Pet Product News International.

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