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Kemin AgriFoods Iowa facility receives safety certificate

The first FAMI-QS/International Safe Feed/Safe Food certificate has been issued to Kemin AgriFoods North America’s Des Moines, Iowa, facility by Eurofins Scientific Inc.

The establishment of the FAMI-QS/I-SF/SF Certification Program was designed to help facilitate US exports with European feed and ingredient customers by providing a tool to illustrate compliance with the EU’s feed hygiene regulation.

FAMI-QS is a third-party certification program, and more than 600 feed additive and premixture companies participate in the program globally. I-SF/SF combines the requirements of AFIA’s domestic Safe Feed/Safe Food Certification Program with FAMI-QS certification requirements.

“We think the International Safe Feed/Safe Food program is a critical component to our food safety system at Kemin. It is paramount at Kemin that we deliver a high-quality, safe product to our customers,” said Kristi Krafta, Kemin AgriFoods North America vice president for regulatory affairs, quality assurance and quality control.

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