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Petfood maker ordered to stop referring to himself as vet

The Minnesota state veterinary board has issued an order to Will Winter, a formerly licensed veterinarian, stating the man must cease describing himself as a vet, according to a Minnesota Star Tribune article. Winter, who calls himself a holistic veterinarian and runs Restoration Raw Pet Food, had his license to practice veterinarian medicine suspended 11 years ago after complaints.

Earlier this year, the board issued a cease-and-desist order against Winter since he had not ceased to refer to himself as a veterinarian.

"... his website claims that 'over the past 20 years of his holistic veterinary practice our staff veterinarian, Will Winter, has observed and effectively treated his client's pets with a natural diet of raw meat and greens,'" said the board's order.

Although Winter can use the academic designation of DVM after his name, he must be state licensed to describe to himself as a veterinarian.

The board's order happened weeks after an ongoing Minnesota Department of Agriculture investigation shut down Traditional Foods Minnesota, which Winter co-founded.

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