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Eurofins responds to changes in US food safety legislation

Eurofins commented on the recently passed, US Food Safety Modernization Act, with praise of the bill's increased regulation as well as an offering of the company's services to help food processors and petfood manufacturers comply with the changes.

The main highlights and implications of the bill in the petfood industry include mandatory risk prevention plans for all handlers and processors of food; required updates to the Foodborne Contaminant list every two years; mandatory measures for traceability, sanitation and testing performed by accredited laboratories; more animal feed products required to meet food safety standards; and foreign supplier verification programs required for US food importers.

Eurofins offered its services to companies affected by the legislation changes to ensure maximum compliance, some of which include microbiological testing capabilities including assays for process control, spoilage and pathogens; contaminant testing for chemical residues, antibiotics and mycotoxins; sanitation standard operating procedures development, auditing and reassessment; hazard analysis and critical control points plan development, auditing, training and recall management; and good manufacturing practices development.

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