The Honest Kitchen has re-designed the packaging for its trial size boxes of food to replicate the full-size, eco-friendly boxes for which the company is known.

“The size and dimensions of our new trial sizes have been designed with the canned-food customer in mind,” said company founder Lucy Postins. “We really want to help stores promote the versatility of our products and we’re expecting that many stores will situate our new trial size boxes in the canned food aisle to introduce The Honest Kitchen as a whole food alternative to canned food. The trial size boxes also work well next to freezers to complement a raw food diet.”

The company’s new trial size packaging holds four ounces of dehydrated, whole food ingredients for pets and will hydrate to make one pound of fresh food. The company is also anticipating that the new trial size boxes will be used as a meal-on-the-go for traveling pets. The mini boxes will be available on stores shelves in March.