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Online petfood, pet supply store offers eco-friendly products

An online pet food and pet supply store,, recently opened to provide eco-friendly products to pet owners. officially opened its Web-based storefront on March 1, with the goals of introducing pet owners to natural, organic and eco-friendly products for pets, as well as educating them on ways to support a more sustainable environment, according to co-founder, Marion Elledge.

Items available in the online store include pet products such as Cycle Dog, Ecollargy, Wagging Green, and Earth Dog collars and leashes. The products are made of organic materials like soy, hemp, cotton, wool and bamboo, and also from recycled materials like inner tubes, billboards and plastic bottles.

“It is important to us to bring awareness as to how people can involve their pets in their eco-conscious efforts to prevent global warming and guarantee a sustainable environment. Thus, our slogan became ‘leaving smaller carbon paw prints,’" said Roger Franklin, co-founder and vice president. "We at are not only concerned about the environment but also the health of our canine and feline companions."

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