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Southern California, USA, dog club donates petfood to Japanese animals

Brandi and Stephen Terry of Desperate Paws Dog Club in Newport Beach, California, USA, donated 40,000 tons of petfood to pets affected by the March 2011 tsunami and earthquake in Japan.

In total, the Terrys collected the more than 7 tons of petfood and supplies donated by businesses and organizations in Southern California, USA. All items will be distributed to Japanese rescue groups that partner with World Vets International.

The Terrys decided to launch their petfood drive after watching video footage of animals affected by the deadly earthquake and tsunami.

"It has been a difficult process but World Vets has been on top of it all the way, and we are extremely grateful to their efforts as well as H2O Logistics," said Stephen Terry, co-founder of Desperate Paws. "The latest estimates from World Vets say that more than 20,000 animals in Japan are hurt or sick. Much of the problem now is the radiation and the difficulty of help groups to get to the animals."

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