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Animal health company launches DVMdiets Network for veterinarians

AHD, an animal health marketing and technology company, launched the DVMdiets Network, created for veterinary professionals

AHD says its DVMdiets Network provides comprehensive nutritional education for veterinary practices, along with an online home delivery platform for clients that offers more than 70 brands of specialty and prescription diets.

The DVMdiets Network features weekly live and on-demand seminars for member practices, which are sponsored and conducted by diet manufacturers and companion animal nutrition experts. The programs are designed to educate the entire staff of the veterinary practice, focusing on emerging trends, standardized nutritional guidelines, and new products and categories. The DVMdiets Network is offered as a free member benefit for members of the online veterinarian purchasing organization, GroupDVM, AHD says.

"Our research indicates that while nutrition is discussed on more than 80% of veterinary clinic visits, less than half of veterinarians feel that their staff is adequately trained on companion animal diets," said Daryl Schraad, president of AHD. "The growing number of specialty diets has made it challenging for veterinarians to stay properly informed, let alone stock all of the products that their clients need. DVMdiets helps ensure the veterinarian remains the 'go-to' source for nutritional information, while allowing them to earn revenue and increase diet compliance through our DVMdiets home delivery program."

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