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DuPont survey reveals sustainability as greatest packaging challenge

DuPont recently conducted an online global survey of consumer packaged goods companies and packaging converters, which found that the desire for greater sustainability dominates the packaging industry.

More than 500 packaging professionals were surveyed and over 40% cited sustainability as the toughest challenge, while 33% named cost as a major factor (see figure). Of those respondents working on sustainable packaging, 65% said their company's efforts to improve packaging sustainability are focused on design for recyclability or use of recycled content; 57% said their company is focused on weight reduction; 41% said their company is focused on renewable materials; and 25% said their company is focused on compostable materials.

“These survey results confirm that there are many pathways to improving packaging sustainability,” said William J. Harvey, DuPont president. “It starts with close collaboration throughout the value chain to spark innovation.”

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