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Halo petfood sponsors Pets for Patriots celebration event

Pets for Patriots, an organization that connects shelter pets with service and veteran members of the US military, named Halo, Purely for Pets as the exclusive petfood sponsor of its "Be A Pet’s Hero Celebration" event.

The May 25 event takes place in Washington, DC, and serves as the charity’s inaugural celebration and fundraiser in partnership with the Washington Humane Society. In addition to providing food for the event's pet guests, Halo will donate product gift bags for people to take home.

“Every adoption made through our program saves and celebrates two lives, that of the pet and that of the veteran,” said Beth Zimmerman, founder and executive director of Pets for Patriots. “With the support of Halo, we can elevate the conversation about the loving care that companion animals everywhere deserve, but do not always receive.”

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