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PSAV, Lygase implement RFID technology at Petfood Forum

PSAV partnered with Lygase to implement its SmartShows business intelligence solution that features RFID real-time and historical reporting for exhibitors at Petfood Forum, which was held in April in Schaumburg, Illinois, USA.

Lygase’ SmartShows system uses real-time locating systems sensor technology to automatically capture data pertaining to attendee movement and behavior throughout the tradeshow and its sessions.

“Petfood Forum is always looking for solutions to better serve our exhibitors and attendees. Exhibitors rely on us to provide tools that determine their return on investment at our show. Attendees rely on us for accurate and timely reporting of their CEU credits in addition to all the other benefits of Petfood Forum provides,” said Steve Akins of Petfood Forum.

PSAV and Lygase monitored the entry and exit doors to the exhibit show floor to understand average time spent by each attendee, and implemented the SmartShows meeting and attendance tracking solution to automatically capture data on attendees going in and out of the session rooms using RFID readers. Petfood Forum received online reports that validated session attendance and showed the busiest areas of the show floor by the hour. Exhibitors who opted for the solution received online reports containing data elements such as name, demographics and dwell time. Lygase provided UHF RFID tags for over 800 attendees, 200 exhibitors, monitored three large general session areas and 23 break-out session rooms, and delivered leads and prospects for over 100 exhibitor booths at Petfood Forum.

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