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Study links pet obesity and new parents

Flexcin International, makers of joint supplements for pets, released data from its study on a possible link between pet obesity and new parents.

Flexcin analyzed demographic data from its team of customer advisor specialists to determine the largest percentage of pet obesity-related inquiries. The company found that new parents represented the fastest-growing demographic inquiring about dog-joint health issues relating to pet obesity. In a six-month analysis from June through December 2010, new parents represented roughly a third (32.3%) of the joint health inquiries tied to overweight pets, up from 25.7% in 2008. Elderly pet owners came in second at 28.5%.

“Through the research and our discussions with veterinarian experts, new parents tend to let down their guard when watching their dog’s diet because their focus is clearly on addressing their new baby,” said Tamer Elsafy, chief executive and founder of Flexcin.

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