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on June 3, 2011

TV's 'The Apprentice' contestants create new petfood at Mars Petcare

Teams visited the company's UK facilities to learn about pet nutrition, create new recipie

Mars Petcare’s Waltham, UK, and Melton, UK, petfood manufacturing facilities were the focus of the TV series "The Apprentice," as the show's contestants designed, prepared and marketed new petfood brands as part of their weekly challenge.

Participants in the current season of "The Apprentice" visited the Mars Petcare sites to learn about the pet care market from nutrition experts at Mars. The teams were then challenged to come up with the recipe for their new petfood and put to the test as they made up their own batch of the food at Mars Petcare’s Melton site. The teams went on to develop an advertising campaign centered around their new product and had to present the ad scheme back to a panel of expert judges.

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