Wellness Natural Food for Pets introduced twelve new varieties of canned cat food.

Wellness Cubed, Sliced and Minced cat cans are 100% grain-free and contain no added artificial colors, flavors or preservatives, according to the company. In each recipe, Wellness says it included cuts of protein sources like chicken, turkey, salmon and tuna with sauces. The cat food is available in 3-ounce cans, at pet specialty retailers and natural food stores across the US.

The cat food is available in 12 formulas: Minced Chicken Dinner, Minced Turkey Entree, Minced Tuna Dinner, Sliced Turkey Entree, Sliced Chicken Entree, Sliced Salmon Entree, Sliced Turkey & Salmon Dinner, Cubed Tuna Entree, Cubed Turkey & Salmon Entree, Cubed Salmon Dinner, Cubed Turkey Dinner, Cubed Chicken Entree.