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PFIA confirms South African dog deaths from aflatoxin contamination

The Pet Food Industry Association in South Africa confirmed that dog deaths continued into May, after three dog food brands were ordered to be removed from store shelves in April due to aflatoxin contamination, according to reports. The Department of Agriculture ordered the Hi Pro, Buddies and Legends petfood brands be removed from store shelves, following the initial deaths of 12 dogs in Gauteng, South Africa.

PFIA says it has been collecting samples for independent testing of the petfoods involved, and has recently identified another brand, Vito, that also showed potential aflatoxin contamination. The Department of Agriculture recommended that all products thought to be contaminated should be composted for plant fertilizer. The department also recommended Vito food should be withdrawn from store shelves until the brand owner can verify that all contaminated products have been removed from the market and the public informed of specific affected batches.

“The Department of Agriculture has issued the notice of withdrawal of certain product and has seized a number of batches since this announcement,” said Barry Hundley, PFIA executive director. “We do however urge consumers who have some of these products from March and April manufacture and Vito, not to feed it to their pets as they are putting their lives at risk. Once the department was satisfied that all their requirements have been met by the manufacturer, new stock of the product has been made available on the market.”

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