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E-commerce company launches online petfood, supply store

E-commerce company Quidsi recently launched, an online pet supply and petfood store.

The website offers 10,000 pet-related products, ranging from petfood and treats to grooming supplies, clothing and pet health products. Consumers can also browse through animal-specific special boutiques like "Posh Puppy," "Canine Classic" and "Culinary Cat." Quidsi says customers who buy from the site by itself will get free two-day shipping on orders above US$49.

“It’s a pretty common thing among our competitors to advertise free shipping for orders over US$59, but then exclude things like bags of pet food or kitty litter—all the heavy items that you’re actually most likely to want to buy online,” said Matt Lindenberg, associate marketing director. “We offer free shipping on our whole inventory. And if customers shop some of the other sites, they can get up to the US$39 limit very easily.”

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