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Texas,USA, petfood manufacturer donates cat food to SNAP

Texas, USA-based petfood manufacturer Nulo has joined with the Spay Neuter Assistance Program to help encourage Houston and San Antonio, Texas, USA, residents to spay and neuter their feline companions.

Each client that brings their cat into SNAP for a spay or neuter procedure will receive a free bag of Nulo’s chicken and brown rice cat food while supplies last. Through its petfood donations to SNAP, the company aims to help control the problem of pet overpopulation.

"Spaying and neutering companion cats is especially important for Texans. Intact male cats are at a greater risk of injury and infectious disease. Instinct causes the unaltered male cat to stray in search of females, fight with other male cats, and spray urine to mark territory," said Dr. Jim Weedon, executive director of SNAP. "Additionally, the warm temperatures in Texas, cause cats to have a longer mating season than other areas of the country. Ultimately, this results in the birth of countless homeless kittens and puts a great strain on the resources of animal shelters and communities."

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