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Raw dog food manufacturer switches to 'green' flexible packaging

Raw dog food manufacturer Steve’s Real Food has switched to using an environmentally friendly flexible packaging for its petfood products, which is constructed of renewable and compostable materials, printed and laminated with low-VOC, water-based inks and adhesives.

The Utah, USA-based dog food manufacturer chose Eagle Flexible Packaging's NVIRO because the company says it is committed to following strict environmental standards.

"I really wanted a solution that was green, not just one that sounded green,” said Nicole Lindsley, project manager at Steve’s.

NVIRO packaging is derived from corn and plant starches, allowing it to compost in a municipal composting environment. The packaging is produced using water-based inks, which Eagle says contain less than 5% volatile organic compounds. This makes NVIRO packaging "green from the zipper to the sealant,” according to Eagle.

Not only did Steve's consider environmental impact in selecting the packaging, but the company also took into consideration consumer convenience. The new package incorporates ZIP-PAK's Press-to-Close solution, made from the same compostable material as the pouch film, which makes it easier for the consumer to open and reclose the petfood packages.

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