Pet Food News
on December 5, 2011

Purina ad for probiotic petfood sprinkle features YouTube 'talking dog'

Mishka, a Siberian Husky, stars in new ad for Purina's FortiFlora sprinkle

According to petfood manufacturer Nestle Purina, the holidays can be a stressful time for dogs and their digestive systems, so the company created a new TV advertisement for its FortiFlora petfood sprinkle that helps manage gastrointestinal upset.

The FortiFlora ad features Mishka, an 8-year-old Siberian Husky and Internet sensation known as the "talking dog" from YouTube videos. In the ad, Mishka and other talking dogs bark "I love you" after getting the FortiFlora sprinkled into their food bowl. The ad was created by MDC Partners' Colle & McVoy.

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