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Rush Direct offers new dog treats, bones, herbal supplements

Rush Direct is expanding its product line with new Ultra Chewy bones and treats and new Ferrera Farms Naturals brand herbal supplements for dogs.

Supplements in the new Ferrera Farms line, Bee the Best, contain Brazilian Red Propolis, a natural supplement produced by honeybees, using a mix of tree sap, beeswax and natural oils, the company says. The Bee the Best line includes: Hip & Joints, Immunity, Relaxing, and Skin & Coat chewable supplements.

Additionally, Rush Direct is expanding its Ultra Chewy brand with its newest product for dogs: Ultra Chewy Tropical Bones. Rush Direct says its Ultra Chewy Tropical Bone line features extruded bones with a crunchy outside and a chewy center, flavored with papya, mango, passion fruit and avocado. The Ultra Chewy Double treat line is also being expanded with the addition of a new Twisted Bone, a double-layer, twisted-shape bone in a chicken flavor.

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