GA Pet Food Partners, a UK superpremium private label dry petfood manufacturer, recently invested millions in the construction of a new environmental management facility as part of its 10-year sustainability plan to produce petfood using more environmentally friendly and sustainable methods.

GA's facility sits on 27 hectacres of land that features water treatment works, three biofilters and the ability to clean and recycle all air and water on site. The company also has an on-site packaging recycling plant that separates paper, cardboard and plastics to reduce landfill waste.

“Our new environmental management facility means that all of the brands that have their pet food made at GA are doing so in a very sustainable and environmentally friendly way. I believe that the environmental management infrastructure that is now in place at GA makes us the leader in sustainable pet food manufacturing when compared to other pet food manufacturers in Europe,” said David Bennison, GA’s sales director.

GA says it has also entered into a Habitat Creation and Management Plan that provides benefits in terms of additional planting, and the creation of wetland areas and species-rich grasslands to encourage nesting and foraging bird species.